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All of my pictures from all the times I have seen Taylor live, figured I would share since it is the last day of the Red Tour.


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I’ve been listening to Taylor’s music (again) since her red tour concert in Manila. I know most of you understand what I feel cos that was the second time I missed her concert. That was really pain in my heart. Sigh. But anyway, I’m still hoping to see her next time!

You know I’m a swifter for quite some time now. Taylor has captured my heart with her music since her first album. Who wouldn’t? Especially on girls who can totally relate to her songs. I just realized that she’s really improving as time goes by. I mean, she’s good since then but she’s really better now. Her style, her voice, the way she performs in live—she’s grown up. And I love her even more.

I have soooo many songs on my playlist. But these songs are my favorite ones:

  • Teardrops On My Guitar (it’s first cos this is so sentimental)
  • A Place in This World
  • Stay Beautiful
  • Beautiful Eyes
  • The Best Day
  • Hey Stephen
  • White Horse
  • The Way I Loved You
  • Forever & Always
  • Today Was a Fairy Tale
  • Untouchable
  • Breathe
  • Back to December
  • Speak Now
  • Enchanted
  • Long Live
  • Safe and Sound
  • Come Back…Be Here
  • Begin Again
  • All Too Well
  • Everything Has Changed
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • Holy Ground

These songs are arranged according to her albums! Hahaha.  How about you? What’s your favorite songs by Taylor?

Anyway guys, I’m still stuck in my bed while typing this post and I don’t want to leave thisever, especially in this kind of weather. On the other hand again, I’m currently reading Shatter Me and I’m halfway through. And still can’t choose which ship I will be in. Lol. I am like, “Omg I ship Adam!” and then minutes have passed “but I need to learn more about Warner” but then again “Okay, it’s Adam. I love blued eyes; but I think Warner is just soo..” Sigh, maybe I can decide my ship once I finished the book one. (hopefully haha) After this, I’m planning to read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but I can’t wait to read If I Stay although it is just an epub. I’m wanting to read that for so long. *heavy sighhh* I’m torn to choose. 

Okay, so much for this post! I hope you’re having a delighful day. 

"Omaha Nebraska, welcome to the very first night of the RED tour!"

"Omaha Nebraska, welcome to the very first night of the RED tour!"

"Omaha Nebraska, welcome to the very first night of the RED tour!"

"Omaha Nebraska, welcome to the very first night of the RED tour!"